Microgravity contest takes students and experiments on the vomit comet

FOX’s “Xploration Outer Space” show is teaming up with Arlington, Va.-based ZERO-G Corporation, which operates weightless flights from U.S. airports. The reason they’re collaborating: to create the ultimate consolation prize for college students who were just too young to apply to NASA’s latest astronaut class.

The show, a part of FOX’s “Xploration Station” series, which focuses on STEM education for youth, is hosting a science experiment contest called “Student Astronaut” with a pretty cool prize. Contestants who demonstrate interest in space exploration and submit the most interesting basic science experiment to be performed in microgravity will win a ride and get to perform their experiment on a Boeing 727 aircraft while weightless.

Science experiments in microgravity are incredibly fascinating, with even basic experiments yielding beautiful and cool results, like the spherical blue flames that researchers have been producing for years to great effect.

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