Xploration Second Chance Pets inspires and educates anyone interested in animal science, engineering, and where the two intersect. Jim Alaimo, owner of My Pet’s Brace in Pennsylvania, is one of the leading animal prosthetists in the world.  Alaimo and his world renowned team have saved thousands of animals by creating one-of-a-kind prosthetics and braces that give them “a new leash on life.” This heartwarming program covers the medical side of Alaimo’s profession when dealing with different dog injuries. We follow the science and engineering side as well, with every brace and prosthetic posing unique challenges. Along with that, the show will shine a light on various dog breeds, teaching the audience about the unique and distinct features that make each dog different. 

Second Chance Pets is part of the Xploration Station, a three-hour syndicated block airing on FOX stations throughout the country.