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STEVE ROTFELD PRODUCTIONS, INC. is an Emmy Award-winning television production and broadcast syndication company. Since its inception in 1985, its programs have appeared in national broadcast syndication, on TLC, ESPN, ESPN Classic, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and have aired internationally.

Steve Rotfeld formed SRP in 1986 after six years of working for his father’s company, Greatest Sports Legends, Inc., where he won a National Sports Emmy Award for Writing on a Jackie Robinson documentary. Almost immediately after forming SRP, the company produced the first weekly sports blooper show on television called Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports. This paved the way for other sports blooper shows, including ESPN’s The Lighter Side of Sports, Super Sports Follies and many successful home video productions, including a Sports Illustrated premium video entitled The Amazing Biff Bam Boom Anything Goes Bloopers. SRP has also produced a series of practical joke shows called Funniest Sports Pranks, featuring hilarious pranks on professional athletes. Steve Rotfeld Productions remains a leader in sports blooper programming, amassing an impressive collection of clips.

In 1993, SRP began syndicating its own programs, beginning with Wild About Animals – an “FCC Friendly,” educational and informational animal magazine series hosted by the Emmy Award-winning actress, Mariette Hartley. The program was acquired by Animal Planet for a three year run. SRP produced a second E/I series beginning in 1996, entitled Awesome Adventures. The series, nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2013, takes kids on amazing outdoor adventures while teaching them about each destination. In 2006, SRP produced its 3rd E/I series entitled Whaddyado, a series that features real life perilous situations, and gives young viewers advice on how to respond.

In 2014, SRP conceived and sold a two-hour block of science related programming, which has been picked up by Fox affiliates throughout the country. The block is titled Xploration Station and consists of four half-hour series: Xploration Awesome Planet, Xploration Outer Space, Xploration Earth 2050, and Xploration Animal Science. In 2016, the Xploration Station block will expand to three hours of programming, including two new half-hour series entitled  Nature Knows Best and DIY Sci.

In addition to producing and syndicating its own material, SRP has also produced for various cable networks. Besides ESPN and Animal Planet, it began producing a series for TLC in 2000 entitled Sports Disasters, which enjoyed a six year run on the network. Other shows produced for TLC include Wild Weddings, Sports Collisions and Crackups, Really Reckless Drivers, Holiday Bloopers, Crazy Kids Clips, and Party Fouls. It also produced a series for Travel Channel entitled World’s Most Dangerous Sports Events, and a special for truTV entitled Ultimate Peril.

In 2007, it created a sister company called The WorkShop to more fully exploit production for cable networks and new media. The WorkShop delivered on its promise by selling three series to Golf Channel, including its hit series The Haney Project, as well as several other projects.


Awesome Adventures

  • Nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Travel Series
  • Gold Medal from the National Association of Parenting Publications (NAPPA)
  • Honors from the Dove Foundation, and the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media
  • A Parent’s Choice Award

Wild About Animals

  • Telly Award for outstanding series
  • Gold Medal from the National Association of Parenting Publications (NAPPA)
  • Honors from the Dove Foundation, and the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media
  • A Parent’s Choice Award

Xploration Animal Science

  • Nominated for Daytime Emmy Award for Best Children’s Series- 2013

Xploration Awesome Planet

  • Nominated for Daytime Emmy Best Host – Philippe Cousteau- 2014

Xploration Earth 2050

  • Nominated for Daytime Emmy Special Class Series – 2014

  • Nominated for Daytime Emmy Special Class Series – 2015
  • Nominated for Daytime Emmy Special Class Series – Outstanding Writing – 2015

Greatest Sports Legends   

  • Steve Rotfeld – Sports Emmy Award for Writing “The Legend of Jackie Robinson.”

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